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L'URZ en un mot

The tropical animal production research unit (URZ) focuses on the conception of alternative agroecologic farming system under humid tropical climate. The ultimate goal of the research unit is to promote a productive and sustainable agriculture, which minimizes impact on the environment and the use of harmful product, by developing expertise and proposing new technologies. This research project is supported by a multidisciplinary team of researchers

The research unit has its own laboratory an up-to-date facility allowing the research unit self performing the main analysis of their research projects. This on-demand laboratory is an ideal tool for the research group, but also welcome outside collaborations. 

Finally, the research unit can also rely on its own biological resource center, created in 2008 to promote various animal biological resources.  The resource center is essential to the protection of the Créole breed but also to study genetic variability (population study, QTL detection, selective breeding, genomic) and to the contribution of the different research projects of the unit. 


17 April 2024

Redaction: Mathieu Bonneau

PhD in Ethology : Characterization and Genetic Basis of Fecal Avoidance Capacity in Goats.

A PhD thesis opportunity lasting 3 years, starting in late 2024, is available within the ASSET unit. This thesis aims to characterize the ability of Creole goats to avoid areas contaminated by feces. This behavior could serve as a means to manage parasitism, especially if it has a genetic basis.

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